Chvrches is a group from Scotland consisting of two men and one woman.  They’ve only been around since 2011 and have but one album called The Bones of What You Believe.  A second, Every Open Eye,  is due out soon, with two singles already released. Once again, my kids introduced me to this group.  My daughter bought … More CHVRCHES

Weekend Ramble

Disclaimer:  This post contains some of my Christian beliefs.  It is not my intent to try to force my beliefs on any of my readers.  These are just my thoughts and my thoughts come from my world view that has been shaped by what I’ve been taught over the years and what I have decided … More Weekend Ramble

St. Vincent

If Ingrid Michaelson is wading into the millennial music scene slowly, St. Vincent is doing a cannonball into the deep end. I discovered her music while in a record store with my son.  I saw a couple of her albums and asked him about her music.  “You wouldn’t like it,” he said quickly.  On the way … More St. Vincent

Ingrid Michaelson

If you want to wade into the new music scene slowly, Ingrid Michaelson is a good starting point.  Her early influences include many artists from the baby boomer generation and even further back.  Her music is categorized as “indie pop”, which means that (my definition) she’s mainstream enough to be a pop artist, but with … More Ingrid Michaelson

Weekend Ramble

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed the other night when I came across an ad for the t-shirt above. The sentiment supports a notion that I’ve held for the past few years: that we baby boomers are a bit too proud of our music.  Don’t get me wrong, we have every right to be … More Weekend Ramble

#ThrowbackThursday – The Pretender, Jackson Browne

The first throwback Thursday is the album from which came the inspiration for the name of this blog. You can read more about that here.  Jackson Browne’s 1976 release The Pretender is an album that I owned and listened to quite a bit as a teenager.  While the theme is mostly depressing, the songs have … More #ThrowbackThursday – The Pretender, Jackson Browne

Vampire Weekend

The first group I’d like to submit for your consideration is Vampire Weekend.  I will admit to throwing up a wall with these guys just because of their name.  I pictured them wearing long black robes with KISS-like makeup and creepy lyrics. Quite the contrary, Vampire Weekend is high-energy, rhythm-heavy pop music.  When I try … More Vampire Weekend