Throwback Thursday – What it Was, Was Football

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Thanksgiving presents a bit of a challenge for a music blogger.  There are not very many songs – none, that I can think of – that are written for Thanksgiving.  Halloween? Sure.  Christmas? No problem.  Even New Year’s has a few.  But Thanksgiving? hmmm…. So today’s post is a bit of a … More Throwback Thursday – What it Was, Was Football

Elle King -Love Stuff

The second sentence of Elle King’s Wikipedia page says: Her musical style encompasses country, soul, rock and blues. That’s quite a lot of ground to cover for an artist with just one studio album under her belt (to be fair, she has also released an EP).  But after listening to her debut album, Love Stuff,  I’d say … More Elle King -Love Stuff

Throwback Thursday – “American Woman” – The Guess Who

The Guess Who is a Canadian Rock band formed in the late fifties and they still exist to this day. There have been many personnel changes over the years.  So much so that they bear little resemblance to the band that put out a handful of hits in the early 70s.  I was not a huge … More Throwback Thursday – “American Woman” – The Guess Who

The Postal Service

In 2003, The Postal Service released an album titled Give Up.  It was very well received by critics, contained three very popular singles and sold over a million copies.  It was the band’s first album and it was their last. Given those facts phrases like “one hit wonder,” one trick pony” or “flash in the … More The Postal Service