The Killers “Psycho Santa” Trilogy

A few weeks ago, I presented a group called The Killers.  In that post, I mentioned the band’s holiday tradition of recording a Christmas song with an accompanying video, with all proceeds going to charity. For 2015, they’ve continued that tradition with a song called “Dirt Sledding” – the third and final installment of what has been … More The Killers “Psycho Santa” Trilogy

Snoopy’s Christmas – The Royal Guardsmen

So here’s another Christmas song that seems to have been lost in the ever-growing sea of once-popular Christmas tunes.  Performed by a group called The Royal Guardsmen, the song is titled “Snoopy’s Christmas.” The Royal Guardsmen had a unique career in that all of their big songs centered around the most popular of the Peanuts characters: … More Snoopy’s Christmas – The Royal Guardsmen

Weekend Ramble – “Another Christmas Song” – Stephen Colbert

So, I’ve temporarily abandoned my typical format for Weekend Ramble for the holiday season to present Christmas songs both familiar and obscure.  Hope you find this as enjoyable as I do. There are a lot of Christmas songs out there.  An optimist would say that is because the spirit of the season prompts the heart … More Weekend Ramble – “Another Christmas Song” – Stephen Colbert

Throwback Thursday – Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas”

In 1975, Greg Lake – of Emerson, Lake and Palmer – released the song “I Believe in Father Christmas.” The words were actually penned by a man named Peter Sinfield, who apparently wrote lyrics for the trio on a regular basis.  “Father Christmas” was released as a solo effort, separate from the band. The song … More Throwback Thursday – Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas”

The Lone Bellow

In an attempt to describe their sound, the Wikipedia page for The Lone Bellow lists ten genres.  And in listening to this trio from Brooklyn, I understand the difficulty in trying to fit them into a category.  They are a mix of country, rock and blues.  But at the very root of this unique sound … More The Lone Bellow