Weekend Ramble – A Playlist for 2017, So Far


Continually searching for new music to listen to and review leaves little time for allowing the songs to really soak in.    I have come across so many artists whose music (or at least some of it) could well become personal favorites.  But it takes time and more than a handful of repeats for a song to become instilled in the soul.

And that is a frustration for someone like me, who believes that the music that is the most powerful is the music that you’ve wrapped around you and allowed to sink in and settle within.

In an effort to remedy this situation in some small way, I decided to put together a playlist – a sampling if you will – of songs from albums that I’ve reviewed in 2017.  One song from each.  I included TBT artists, so it’s a pretty good mixture of old and new.  I plan to add to it as I go.

Then I thought that sharing it would be a really good way to readers to get a quick review of the artists I’ve covered so far this year and a quick taste of their music.

So I present to you Alongsideyour78s’ 2017 sampler playlist.

Listen.  Enjoy.




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