About Alongside Your 78s

This blog is a music review log.   Its intent is to provide a perspective of today’s current music from the point of view of one who grew up with (and still loves) the music of the 70’s.  My first thought was to review new albums as they are released, and that will still be a big part of what I do.  But I decided that it may be helpful to expand a bit to offer my thoughts on an artist’s or group’s body of work.

My focus will be on the music itself.  So unless it helps explain the music, I’ll leave artist biographies, histories and anecdotes out; there are plenty of other places to get that kind of information.

My target audience will be baby boomers, yet I hope to appeal to anyone who has an interest in the music of any era.  I’ll include comparisons, contrasts, and tie-in’s of artists or songs of today to those of my generation when I can.

When reviewing an artist or group, I’ll include a bullet list of items of interest at the bottom.  I’ll include a list of ‘must-listen’ songs and, when possible, provide a link to a Spotify playlist of those songs so you can listen to them if you want. You’ll need a Spotify account, which you can set up for free.

In the tradition of #throwbackThursday, I’ll review a classic album from the seventies from time to time on the fifth day of the week.

I’ll add here what you’ll find me saying more than once in this blog.  And that’s that the motivation for this endeavor is not only to inform, but to persuade those old folks like me that there is good music being created today.   Some may challenge your eardrums a bit, but it’s worth it.  Remember your parent’s reaction to the Beatles?  Do you really want to be like that?  Read a couple of artist reviews, pick out one you think you might like and take a listen to the must-listen playlist.

Listen.  Enjoy.


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